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A Generalized Nonlinear Affixation Approach to Polish Palatalizations

Studies in Polish Linguistics, Volume 10, Issue 1, s. 17-55
Data publikacji online: 22 kwietnia 2015
DOI 10.4467/23005920SPL.15.002.3229

Modelling morpho-phonology: consonant replacements in Polish

Studies in Polish Linguistics, Issue 1, s. 129-164
Data publikacji online: 15 października 2012

Part One. Theoretical and Experimental Syntax

The Semantics of still and the Modification of Polish Adnominal Participles

Studies in Polish Linguistics, Special Volume, 1 (2019), s. 99-123
Data publikacji online: 21 marca 2019
DOI 10.4467/23005920SPL.19.008.10988