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Representation, Enaction, Religion. Different Models of Cognition and Their Implications for the Cognitive Study of Religions

Studia Religiologica, 2017, Tom 50, Numer 2, s. 131–143
Data publikacji online: 30 listopada 2017
DOI 10.4467/20844077SR.17.008.7339

The Possible Significance of Sensorimotor Synchronisation in Modern Postural Yoga Practice

Studia Religiologica, 2015, Tom 48, Numer 4, s. 327–340
Data publikacji online: 14 grudnia 2015
DOI 10.4467/20844077SR.15.024.4763

The Quasi-Linguistic Structure of Iyengar Yoga Āsana Practice. An Analysis from the Perspective of Cognitive Grammar

Studia Religiologica, 2014, Tom 47, Numer 4, s. 263–273
Data publikacji online: 11 grudnia 2014
DOI 10.4467/20844077SR.14.019.3120