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The period of flower carpets and other colourful garden decorations, i.e. kinds of ornamental species used in Europe at the turn of the 20th century

Architektura Zeszyt 10-A (16) 2015, s. 21-32
Data publikacji online: 4 stycznia 2016
DOI 10.4467/2353737XCT.15.151.4188

Preserved monastic garden values based on selected areas and examples, Lublin province

Architektura Zeszyt 6 A (11) 2014, s. 57-70
Data publikacji online: 14 listopada 2014
DOI 10.4467/2353737XCT.14.163.3251

Protection of historical trees in the city area using the example of a historical manor alley in Zemborzyce

Volume 6, s. 81–90
Data publikacji online: 28 czerwca 2019
DOI 10.4467/2353737XCT.19.062.10615