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Attractiveness of job fairs for students as a platform for searching and exchange of information

Jagiellonian Journal of Management, Tom 1 (2015), Numer 4, s. 275–289
Data publikacji online: 18 marca 2016
DOI 10.4467/2450114XJJM.15.019.4828

The impact of the exhibitor’s cultural context on the use of forms of communication in the management process of the exhibitor’s participation

Jagiellonian Journal of Management, Tom 1 (2015), Numer 2, s. 119–130
Data publikacji online: 16 listopada 2015
DOI 10.4467/2450114XJJM.15.009.4263

Coopetition in the Operating of the Trade Fairs Market

International Journal of Contemporary Management, 2018, Numer 17(1), s. 217-232
Data publikacji online: 6 kwietnia 2018
DOI 10.4467/24498939IJCM.18.012.8391