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The Past, Present and Future of Soil Protist Ecology

Acta Protozoologica, 2012, Volume 51, Issue 3, Special topic issue:"Protists in Soil Processes", s. 189-199
Data publikacji online: 20 grudnia 2012
DOI 10.4467/16890027AP.12.015.0761

The Use of Testate Amoebae in Monitoring Peatland Restoration Management: Case Studies from North West England and Ireland.

Acta Protozoologica, 2013, Volume 52, Issue 3, Special topic issue:"Protists as Bioindicators of Past and Present Environmental Conditions", s. 129-145
Data publikacji online: 31 lipca 2013
DOI 10.4467/16890027AP.13.0013.1110