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Improving Utilization of Lexical Knowledge in Natural Language Inference

Schedae Informaticae, 2018, Volume 27, s. 143-153
Data publikacji online: 2018
DOI 10.4467/20838476SI.18.011.10416

Analysis of Compounds Activity Concept Learned by SVM Using Robust Jaccard Based Low-dimensional Embedding

Schedae Informaticae, 2015, Volume 24, s. 9-19
Data publikacji online: 11 kwietnia 2016
DOI 10.4467/20838476SI.15.001.3023

On Certain Limitations of Recursive Representation Model

Schedae Informaticae, 2016, Volume 25, s. 37-47
Data publikacji online: 24 marca 2017
DOI 10.4467/20838476SI.16.003.6184