Cedric Watts


Cedric Watts is Research Professor of English Literature at the University of Sussex. He has edited many volumes of Conradian material, notably (for Everyman paperbacks) Nostromo and Victory. He has also published critical and scholar books on Conrad, including The Deceptive Text (Harvester), Joseph Conrad: ‘Nostromo’ (Penguin) and Joseph Conrad: ‘The Secret Agent’ (Humanities E-books). His other publications include books on Shakespeare, Keats, Cunninghame Graham, and Graham Greene.


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Yearbook of Conrad Studies, 2007, Vol. III, s. 97-113
Data publikacji online: 19 września 2007

A Pattern of Flaws: Further Reflections on Cambridge University Press’s Edition of the Literary Works of Joseph Conrad

Yearbook of Conrad Studies, 2018, Vol. 13, s. 31-39
Data publikacji online: 2018
DOI 10.4467/20843941YC.18.003.11238