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Department of Mine Areas Protection, Geoinformatics and Mine Surveying


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Methods of use two-dimensional CAD application environment of mining digital  maps to generate three-dimensional modeling of the geological surface layer

Geoinformatica Polonica, Vol. 15 (2016), s. 47-55
Data publikacji online: 16 listopada 2016
DOI 10.4467/21995923GP.16.006.5482

Harmonization of Polish Natura2000 data sets with the protected sites data schema of inspire directive in the environment of Humboldt Alignment Editor (HALE)

Geoinformatica Polonica, Vol. 17 (2018), s. 7-15
Data publikacji online: 29 października 2018
DOI 10.4467/21995923GP.18.001.9158