Methodological Principles of Formation and Development of Entertaining Institutions

Vadym Abyzov


The generalization of the typological, functional, and architectural organization of entertaining establishments will contribute to the further improvement of their development in modern conditions. The purpose of the article is to identify the system-structural principles of the architectural environment typology of entertaining establishments and to consider the features of the architectural and spatial structure of leisure objects in accordance with the hierarchical levels of their environment’s formation and development.
The research was based on A systematic approach that allows us to consider the architectural environment of entertaining institutions as hierarchically subordinate to the integrity. Methods of historical, comparative and typological analysis were also used.
The article summarizes the features of the entertaining institutions’ typology. The specifics of their location in the architectural environment are considered. Features and examples of their functional and spatial solutions, including existing buildings and structures, are considered, taking into account the transformation and adaptation of them for entertaining establishments. The hierarchical levels of formation and development of the architectural environment of leisure objects are revealed.

Słowa kluczowe: entertaining institutions, typology of the architectural environment of leisure, system-structural principles, hierarchical levels, design

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