Przekształcanie wzorców w muzyce rockowej – przypadek No Fun zespołu The Stooges

Barnaba Matusz


Transformations of models in rock music – the case of No Fun by The Stooges

The article tracks a connection between songs No Fun by The Stooges and Johnny Cash’s I Walk The Line that Iggy Pop briefly hinted in a Dutch documentary Lust For Life. The rocker declared that the Cash’s piece was used by The Stooges as a pattern for No Fun. Indeed, the analysis of a structure of both songs shows many similarities but also exposes elements in which two songs significantly differ in their tonality and construction of phrases.

After a recognition of Iggy Pop’s short career as a blues musician involved in the American blues revival and some structural features of blues, it seems to be possible that the aforementioned differences could derive from the structure of the latter that was blended with the country music pattern.

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