Borel sets without perfectly many overlapping translations  

Andrzej Rosłanowski,

Saharon Shelah


We study the existence of Borel sets  ωadmitting a sequence ηα : α<λ of distinct elements of ω2 such that |(ηα +B)(ηβ +B)| ≥ 6 for all α,βλ but with no perfect set of such η’s. Our result implies that under the Martin Axiom, if α < c, αω1 and 3 ≤ ιω, then there exists a Σ0 2 set  ω2 which has α many pairwise 2ι–nondisjoint translations but not a perfect set of such translations. Our arguments closely follow Shelah [7, Section 1]

Received 16 June 2018

Publication 1138 of the second author.

AMS subject classification: Primary 03E35; Secondary 03E15, 03E50

Słowa kluczowe: Forcing, Borel sets, Cantor space, perfect set of overlapping translations, non-disjointness rank

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