Some Results on Polish Groups

Gianluca Paolini,

Saharon Shelah


We prove that no quantifier-free formula in the language of group theory can define the ℵ1-half graph in a Polish group, thus generalising some results from [6]. We then pose some questions on the space of groups of automorphisms of a given Borel complete class, and observe that this space must contain at least one uncountable group. Finally, we prove some results on the structure of the group of automorphisms of a locally finite group: firstly, we prove that it is not the case that every group of automorphisms of a graph of power λ is the group of automorphism of a locally finite group of power λ; secondly, we conjecture that the group of automorphisms of a locally finite group of power λ has a locally finite subgroup of power λ, and reduce the problem to a problem on p-groups, thus settling the conjecture in the case λ = ℵ0.

AMS Subject Classification: 03E15, 20K30, 20B27.

Słowa kluczowe: Polish groups, automorphism groups, locally finite groups

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