Non-generators in extensions of infinitary algebras

Paolo Lipparini


Contrary to the finitary case, the set Γ(A) of all the non-generators of an infinitary algebra A is not necessarily a subalgebra of A. We show that the phenomenon is ubiquitous: every algebra with at least one infinitary operation can be embedded into some algebra B such that Γ(B) is not a subalgebra of B. As far as expansions are concerned, there are examples of infinite algebras A such that in every expansion B of A the set Γ(B) is a subalgebra of B. However, under relatively weak assumptions on A, it is possible to get some expansion B of A such that Γ(B) fails to be a subalgebra of B.

AMS subject classification: Primary 08A65.

Słowa kluczowe: non-generator, infinitary algebra

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