The Hungarian Fundamental Law (Constitution) and the Right to Social Security

József Hajdú


The new Hungarian Fundamental Law, in keeping with the spirit of the Constitutional Court decisions, treats social security not as a right, but as a state goal. Another change is reflected in the fact that the assistance to be provided is no longer of the extent “necessary for subsistence”, but just the extent “determined by law”.Furthermore, the word of social insurance has been completely removed from among the means of social security, and only the system of social institutions and measures remained in the text. The Fundamental Law contains regulations which aim to restore balance by reducing social security, public welfare and public services. These provisions aim to ensure that there are no constitutional barriers to introduction measures to make benefits dependent on the performance of work or other activity regarded as socially beneficial, in keeping with the new social-policy approach.

Słowa kluczowe: Hungary, social security rights, constitution

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