Dyskryminacja algorytmiczna w zatrudnieniu. Zarys problemu

Marta Otto


Algorithmic discrimination in employment. An overview

Debates about the future of work in light of developments in artificial intelligence are held predominantly in the context of job losses and technological unemployment. Far less attention is paid to the challenges posed by the increasingly widespread phenomenon of algorithmisation of management functions in the modern world of work. Meanwhile, the shift to algorithmic management represents a significant qualitative change that, in addition to promising broadly understood modernisation and optimisation of decision-making processes, carries specific repercussions in the context of human rights protection, including in particular the prohibition of discrimination in employment. The article attempts to assess the adequacy of the EU anti-discrimination instrumentarium to the specifics of algorithmic discrimination mechanisms, and aims to encourage an in-depth scientific discussion on the need to develop effective regulatory responses at the national level.

ASJC: 3308, JEL: K31

Słowa kluczowe: algorytmiczne, dyskryminacja algorytmiczna, unijne prawo antydyskryminacyjne, algorithmic management, algorithmic discrimination in employment, EU non-discrimination law

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